She's My Everything - A Daniel and Vala romance
yum, D-V

Title: She's My Everything

Author: spacegypsy1

Rating: PG13

Category: Romance/Friendship

Pairings: Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran

Other SG personnel and Jaffa mentioned

Spoilers: nope

Timeline: After Ark of Truth

Word Count: apprx 3000

Chapter Count: One

Synopsis: A sudden change of prospective on Daniel's part isn't really that sudden. Vala, though, doesn't seem quite prepared for it. A little Daniel and Vala romance.


Daniel turned with a broad smile as Jack entered the Gateroom. "Hey, you did show up."

With a look of utter boredom, Jack joined Sam, Daniel and Mitchell in front of the ramp, choosing to stand beside Daniel.

"You don't look happy." A hint of humor in his voice, Daniel turned away from his friend and grinned at Sam.

"Oh, I'm deliriously happy. I get to officiate. I just love officiating. It's what I was born to do."

"It's a warm planet, at least in the daytime. You were bitching about the snow in Washington the last time I talked to you. Besides, you promised Teal'c you'd be there."

Ignoring the insinuation that he'd let T down, Jack leaned forward and looked along the lineup as if searching. "Where's your shadow?" That got him a small glaring frown from Daniel, which lightened his mood somewhat.

Daniel rolled his eyes, sighed, pursed his lips and shifted his weight. "She's not my anything. She's probably doing her nails."

"It's not really that Vala is Jackson's shadow, sir," Cam kept his eyes straight ahead. "It's just that he can't get anything done without her. She's more like his sidekick."

"You don't say? Like Tonto?" Still leaning in front of Daniel, Jack asked in pretended seriousness.

With a snicker, Sam turned her head away from Daniel, her eyes twinkling and lips smashed together as she tried to affect reproach, failing miserably when she was meet with Cam's large grin.

"Enough!" Daniel spun around and looked up into the control room. "Walter! Give her a call… please."

The others laughed and Jack patted Daniel's shoulder. "Ya know, it's about time you settled down and quit your Casanova ways…."

Vala rushed in still straightening her jacket. "Sorry. I realized I'd lost a button on my other jacket, then my T-shirt was all wrong because it had long sleeves and I needed the three quarter length sleeves, or the sleeveless sleeve one and I was about out the door when I realized I had on a blue jacket and green pants, silly I know, so I had to start all over." She flashed a big grin and batted her eyes as she stepped into the small space between Jack and Daniel.

"Glad you could join us. What's with the …" Jack waggled his finger near the top of Vala's head.

"Lovely, isn't it? Daniel gave it to me this morning. It's a rhinestone dragonfly hair clippie. He bought it online."

Daniel closed his eyes and dropped his chin to his chest. The sound of the Stargate engaging accompanied the muffled laughter around him and he knew he would never hear the end of it. It had been an impulse buy while he was searching for something for Sam's birthday months ago. He'd kept it in a drawer and couldn't explain why he'd decided to give it to her this morning. Damn, she makes me nuts!, he thought.

When the kawoosh settled and General Landry said his piece, Jack and Sam moved forward with Mitchell close behind. Daniel gestured, his arm shooting outwards towards the Stargate as he tilted his head in Vala's direction. She punched him on the shoulder playfully, smiling, he smiled back and the two walked side-by-side through the 'Gate.


Teal'c stood waiting, wearing his finest Jaffa robes, hands locked behind his back, with Bra'tac and Ishta flanking him. He bowed deeply. "Welcome."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world, T. Or should I call you Master Teal'c?"

With a slight smile Teal'c tilted his head. "Not until sunrise, O'Neill."

Unsure if Teal'c was being serious, Jack blinked, looked away and greeted Ishta with a warm smile and then Bra'tac. "So, Bra'tac, retiring, huh?"

"We do not 'retire' O'Neill, only begin in another direction. Teal'c will take over as the leader of the Free Jaffa. I will stand aside and continue in my efforts to bring all Jaffa into one nation."

"Ah, I think I saw that bumper sticker."

Bra'tac did not miss the humor in O'Neill's voice. "How is your retirement, O'Neill?"

Surprised, Jack blanched. "I'm not retired!"

Bra'tac gestured towards the main camp showing the way as he looked back at Jack. "With you one never knows."

Once in the midst of the camp SG-1 scattered to greet their Jaffa friends. After awhile Daniel wandered away towards the closest stone.

Bra'tac followed Daniel and SG1, Jack and Teal'c fell in line behind the Jaffa Master. "We chose to move the proceedings here due to the recent reconstruction efforts on Dakara. This planet was once a stronghold of the Goa'uld System Lord, Morrigan."

"Goddess of fertility, battle and strife. Celtic. That explains all the standing stones." The rest of SG1 caught up with Daniel when he stopped to examine the giant formation. "They're reminiscent of Stonehenge."

"I agree, Daniel Jackson, I have seen those on the Tau'ri home world, though Morrigan was long ago stripped of her power by Cronus, her legacy lives on. There are many such structures and old ruins I am sure you will find entertaining."

Looking from Sam to Jack, Cam shook his head. "Daniel'll be so happy he'll be jumpin' around like a one legged monkey."

Confused by Mitchell's outburst Bra'tac stared in silence a moment. Finally turning, he pointed across the field. "There. I will show you to your lodging."

Both Sam and Vala had already wandered off with Ishta in the general direction Bra'tac had just indicated.

Jack and Mitchell exchanged frowns while Daniel remained examining the standing stone.

Hands on hips, Cam squinted at the forest across the glen where Bra'tac was heading, and back to the village which was short on buildings and big on yurts and then back to the trees. "What do we get? The stables?" Cam hoisted his pack from where he'd set it on the ground.

Bra'tac didn't bother turning as he walked ahead. "There is a small castle just beyond the grove, not far from the main village. It is rarely used, so we have prepared it for all of you."

"Jackson!" Mitchell yelled back to where Daniel stood. "Come on, we're off to the castle, just follow your princess."

"She's not my ..." He shut up when the others burst out laughing.


Ishta turned to the two women and smiled at their delighted expressions.

The stone of the castle walls had weathered into a patchwork of browns and grays. The enormous dark arched double-doors thick as the stone walls gleamed as if recently polished and stood partially open and inviting.

Once inside the courtyard both Sam and Vala stopped, surprised. They scanned the area seeing that most of the buildings lay in ruin, charred and crumbled.

Ishta nodded in understanding of the women's quiet regard. "Sadly, more than two thirds of the castle has been destroyed. We do not know the history, though I can assure you that what remains, the kitchen, bakehouse, brewery and its accompanying staff quarters, are quite safe and most comfortable." Ishta pointed towards the line of stone buildings that sat back from the ruins.

Vala rubbed her hands together. "It is still quite lovely. And I'm sure you will know more than you ever cared to once Daniel gets through examining every little look and granny."

Silently laughing Sam started to correct Vala, but noting Ishta's acceptance of her explanation the colonel let it pass.

"Holy buckets!" Daniel exclaimed coming to a sudden stop inside the arched doorway. "This is great! We might need to stay an extra day or two!"

"See?" Vala said, tossing her hair and giving Ishta a conspiratorial wink.

"I will leave you all to settle in as you wish. There are many rooms to choose from. The festivities begin at sundown and end at sunrise. The dress is generally traditional festival dress of the Jaffa, whichever faction is represented, however, any clothing you choose will be acceptable. You may join in from start to finish or anytime you care to. There are fresh linens in each room, a waterhouse and the necessarium are out the back of the quarters." With the typical Jaffa bow, Ishta left.

Vala looked confused at Daniel.

"The bathing area and 'ladies room'," he answered her unasked question, then turned to Mitchell "How long until sunset?"

Cam frowned at Daniel. "I think the question is how long til sunrise."

"Where to begin?" Daniel mumbled as he ambled off toward what looked like it might have been the Great Hall. He stopped, turned and cocked a brow at Vala. " are you coming or not?"

"Oh!" Vala shot forward as if catapulted. "Yes, of course. Can't wait! Hope we find some amazing treasures and such. Oh and some interesting artifacts for you."

As the couple moved away, Cam sidled up beside Jack. "Told ya. Sidekick."

"Carter?" Jack stared confused at Daniel and Vala across the courtyard. "The Lone Ranger Archeologist is lone no more? I do believe the boy is quite smitten. When'd that happen?"

"Who knows, it's been a slow but steady process." Sam answered Jack then turned concerned to Cam. "You're sure you want them to wander off unchaperoned?"

"Let's settle in." Cocking his head toward the intact portion of the castle, Cam headed that way. "What's he gonna do? Once Jackson gets into discovery mode there's nothing else on his mind."

Jack looked back over his shoulder towards where he'd last seen Daniel and Vala and whispered to Sam, "Yeah, but what kinda 'discovery' do you think he's got his mind on?"


"Daniel?" Vala called out and it echoed right back. With a slow pirouette she searched the shadows for her missing Archeologist. "DANIEL!" she yelled and his head popped out from a gated nook to the side. "Ah, there you are, darling."

"Where did you go, I thought you... Oh, right, you went to change." He looked her up and down with appreciation. "Time for the big event?" Daniel paused, smiled and said, "You look beautiful." He admired the dark almost eggplant purple flowing gown.

"Oh. Ah, thank you." Taken aback by his comment Vala couldn't think straight. "You see, well, this is what the... the Hak'tyl wear to special events, and Ishta offered this because I'm an honored guest, and I like it, and, well, and..."

"Nice. And the dagger? And the breast-plate? Are they expecting trouble?" He laughed.

Vala grinned at his teasing. "Ceremonial, darling, you of all persons and other beings on this planet would know that."

"Yes, I would. Do I have time to wash up?" He asked.

"Oh. Ah, yes. I think. No. I mean yes, actually, plenty of time. Or not plenty but some. Lovely tub. Large and polished and, well, you have time to take a quick bath."

Nodding in acquiescence Daniel packed up his journal and wrapped up his tools. "Care to join me?" He stilled. Took a breath. Had he said that out loud?

"Did someone or some thing take my Daniel and leave you behind?" She blurted out in amazement.

"No. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have... I mean, I think things like that all the time, er, damn, sorry. Vala, I didn't mean, what I meant was join me to go, as in together... yes, that's it, that's what I mean, arrive together and stand together at the event, er, to... to be..."

"Oh, yes, yes of course. Because we all know I'm only your teammate. Assistant. Co-worker. Friend."

He watched closely as her expression ran a gambit from confusion to disillusionment. "Yes. I mean no. Yes we are friends and no I wasn't thinking, damn Vala, I don't know what I was thinking. Will you wait so we can go together?"


Late into the night festive fires burned as far as the eye could see. Sam, Mitchell, Daniel and Vala were honored to sit at the main table the Teal'c and Bratac, Jack and the Jaffa officiants. Many speeches were given. The team understood little of what was being said, with the exception of Jack's short offering, however the gathering of Jaffa and Hak'tyl burst into laughter at almost every other speech. Daniel and or Vala laughed occasionally, but the others were lost as to what could have possibly been so funny.

As the fires died down, wine was poured, the young sent off to bed and the merrymaking quieted to small talk as they moved with Teal'c and Ishta to gather around the main fire pit just as the horizon held the slightest sliver of the pink of dawn.

Often Vala would get very quiet and stare off into the distance in thought and Daniel would wonder if she was thinking about how comfortable their companionship felt. Here. Sitting on cushions, close together.

Looking across the dying fire Daniel noted that intermittently one of their friends would watch them closely, smile and look away. And he knew what they all thought. And he realized they were right. Placing an arm around Vala's shoulder Daniel tugged her closer and she laid her head on his shoulder.

He nudged her ear whispering, "Do you mind if I kiss you?"

She bolted up straighter and after a quick look around to ensure no one was paying them any attention she whispered gruffly, "Daniel! This is totally out of character for you! Not that I... well, anyway you would just think I was being... not that I... I mean..."

"Why? Why do you think that? You spent years flirting with me. Have you changed your mind or was it as I first thought, just..."

"NO!" She said a bit too loudly, grinned at those who turned and then lowered her voice. "No, it was... I was... From the minute I left you on the Prometheus I started thinking of some way to come back. To see you. I've been nothing but a nuisance, an unwanted flirt! I screwed every thing up. I didn't know how to be what you would want, how I'd get you to be attracted to me and the more you rejected me the more I upped my ridiculous game. How could you possibly want to kiss me now?"

Neither of them realized their voices had come clearly around the circle in the still of the night.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe I overreacted from the beginning. Maybe I thought you'd see through my veneer. Maybe I was doing the same thing. Afraid you were only taunting me and I'd fall in love... that I was falling in love and then you'd laugh, leave, you know..." He stopped. Hung his head. Sighed deeply.

Blinking back an unwanted sting of tears Vala turned her face away. Her heart beat wildly. She had no idea if she was angry or hurt or expectant or gods forbid, excited. More like scared and unsure. And why the hell did that make her all teary eyed? Because it sounded exactly like what she wanted?

His eyes lifted just in time to see her head turn back to him, her expression unguarded, interested. "Yes." she said quietly.

He nodded a few times. "Okay then, let's find that polished tub."

"What? I... Didn't you say kiss?"

"Well, yes. But I actually meant, earlier, if you wanted to join me in the tub."

"NOW?" She shot up to standing and stared down at him.

He stood so suddenly she had to take a step back. "Of course now, Vala. What are we waiting for?"

"More time!"


"Yes, Daniel! We have more important Teal'c related events. If we get into the polished tub... together... now... well, it will most likely last the rest of the night, or more correctly, morning and that's just rude. Not to mention what the others will think. So. I'm going to go put some cool cloths on my wrists, and think about it and think about maybe later, that is, if you don't change your mind... when we get back. Because it would be heavenly but, really, what will others say when we disappear? That is if you really mean now. I should leave as not to say more things that I have no idea what I'm saying."

Taking off his glasses, Daniel rubbed his face vigorously, pinched the bridge of his nose, sighed deeply and loudly before he reached for her hand and stopped her in her tracks. "Vala." Daniel said with authority, "No one is going to miss us."

"Ah, not true, Jackson." Mitchell said with a laugh that also echoed from the others around the fire.

Teal'c stood. "This, Bra'tac is what is meant by the Tau'ri expression 'The cat is out of the bag'."

"Who put the cat in the bag?" Bra'tac asked.

As Daniel and Vala walked away they heard the continued laughter ring out.

"You running off with your sidekick?" Mitchell called out.

"She's not my sidekick, she's my... my everything."


Leaning back against Daniel's chest, warm water surrounding them, Vala closed her eyes and sighed. They were sprawled in Daniel's tub after a night of lovemaking.

"You, know, I really wish we had stayed long enough to get into that big tub. I mean everyone there knew what we were up too anyway. But, then again, I'm glad we came home and here and haven't left here in three days."

"Me too." Daniel mumbled sleepily.



"Who did put the cat in the bag and why did they put it in there?"

"I put the cat in the bag because I was too afraid to tell you that I love you. I love you is the cat. My lack of expressing it is the bag. It's not an actual cat and an actual... Vala? Come on, wake up. Let's get into bed before we both drown."

"Alright, Daniel. I love you too. Do you think we might could get a real cat?"


Archeology 101 - A short lesson in Archeology – but who is teaching whom?
yum, D-V
Archeology 101
Words: About 900 ish
Pairing... er, you know Daniel and Vala

A snippet in the life of Daniel and Vala with a short lesson in Archeology – but who is teaching whom?


“No, no no!” Daniel yelled across the open area. “Use the big brush first.” He stood and crossed the short distance to where Vala worked. He knelt beside her and pulled out the large brush from the kit he'd recently given her. “This one. Slowly stroke, a soft rub, like a caress.” Performing the task correctly, he gently swiped away ancient dust and sand.

“I like the little brush, darling. It's easier to hold. The big brush is for big hands and the little brush is for little hands.”

Sitting back on his heels, Daniel sighed. Who could argue with that? “Fine. But it'll take much longer.”

“It's been here for, what did you say? About five thousand years? What's the rush?”

“Well, Vala, we have two weeks vacation. That's it. Fourteen days, this is day five. We don't have five thousand years. Big brush equals more sediment removed.”

“What's sediment? I don't know that word.” She lied while batting her eyelashes.

“Coy is not your strong suit.”

“Koi, isn't that a fish?”

“You promised if I let you come with me that you would be good.”

“Well, darling, I was rather stunning last night. It's hot here, isn't it?”

“And that you wouldn't complain.”

“You didn't comment on my being good last night.”

“And that you would work hard.”

“You promised you'd take me to the city each week for a bath and sex on a bed. That can count on the making of things hard.”

Daniel took off his sunglasses, scrubbed his face and put them back on. There would be no point commenting on the making of things hard. “It's day five. Not day seven.”

“I need a bath, and you need a bath. And we need a real bed. Not two old army cots that keep sliding apart and a once white sheet. I can't take anymore of this. I fell on the floor between the cots, for heaven's sakes! And.... You in that bandana, those sunglasses and being shirtless. It's just too much.”

“We didn't come all the way to Australia to fool around. The fooling around is secondary to the digging, brushing, finding and cataloging I promised we would do.”

“Hmph! Well, I did. I mean, come to fool around. Since we don't get to fool around much, since you won't admit we are fooling around, though everyone apparently suspects we are fooling around.”

“Suspects being the operative word.”

Squinting against the sun, she puffed out a disgruntled breath. “You know, Daniel, it wasn't me that started the fooling around. And it wasn't me who started the sneaking around. It doesn't make any sense. I mean you did say that you had feelings for me. Deep feelings. And that's a start. And the fooling around is lovely. Very, very, very, lovely. But all the suspecting is making me wonko.” Vala tossed the brush over her shoulder and sighed heavily..

“What was that for?”

“Isn't that what you do every time you are brushing and you get frustrated?”

“Noooo.” He complained, looking quite irritated at the thought.

“Yes it is.” Vala whipped her tee shirt off and tossed it in the general direction of the brush.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Cooling off.”

“You can't brush in your bra.”

“Not a bra, it's a bikini top.”

“It looks like a bra.”

“But it's not.” She tightened her pony tail higher, yanked the big brush from his hand and began to swipe slowly at the spot she'd been assigned.

“Please put your shirt back on.”

“Put your shirt back on, your making hot hotter.”

“I don't have, er, breasts in a tiny top.”

“I'm hot.”

His gazed flicked to her breasts and back up. “I can see that.”

Head tucked down, she continued to brush, whispering. “You said this was real. This us. And I...”

“Vala. We've just begun this, this us. We still have to work together. Give it some time.”

Her head swung in his direction, eyes lifting, mouth perfectly pouted. Then with a sigh, she asked him, “Do you or don't you want to go to town today?”

“Fine! Sure. Yes. Okay. We'll go to town. And when we get back home let's just tell everyone! We can get on the intercom! I'm happy to comply. You're right. No sense in hiding it. But you're going to be the death of me.”

“And what a lovely way to go.” Vala hopped up, grabbed her gear, her shirt and his. Tossing him his tee shirt, she walked towards the truck. She winked at the young archeology student who was staring open mouthed at her as she passed. Then she cranked her head around to see Daniel snatching up his tools, and she called out to him. “You can practice your skills, slowly stroke, a soft rub, like a caress.”

Daniel stalled a moment at her bold use of his instructions. Finally, he caught sight of the young man staring at him.

“Sir,” the student said, “you are one lucky son of a bitch.”

“Yeah, I know.” He slipped on his tee shirt, stuffed his hands in his pockets and grinning sauntered towards where Vala waited, posing seductively against the truck.

~0i0~ END

A Vulnerable Vala. A Delighted Daniel. A love story.
yum, D-V
How to Admit You Love an Archeologist
About 2600 words
Pairing: Daniel and Vala

A Vulnerable Vala. A Delighted Daniel. A love story.


“Hey,” Daniel stepped into the doorway of the gym looking directly at Vala.

“You missed the best game ever!” She rushed up to him, grinning and sweaty.

“Work.” His gaze moved to the rest of the players, not for politeness, but to take his eyes from her, glistening and looking up so adorably right in front of him.

Teal'c tossed the basketball to Mitchell. “Vala Mal Doran and Lt. Jenny Spencer have been quite a team.”

“Yeah, Jackson, you're gonna have to get your game on. These two are a force to be reckoned with.” Cam tossed the ball over to Jenny who grinned proudly.

Smiling, Daniel looked back to Vala. “We need to talk.”

“Oh? Are you canceling our date? Again?”

Before he could open his mouth the others, including Jenny, monotoned. “It's not a date.”

“Very funny.” Taking Vala by the elbow Daniel urged her out the door as his teammates and their friend laughed. “Listen, about tomorrow...”

“Daniel! You promised. I've been waiting three weeks! I haven't been off base except for missions. I know you think shopping is frivolous but I really need some things. You...”

“Not canceling, I need some things too. It's just that there's a possibility of some bad weather coming in about three tomorrow afternoon. I think we should be at the mall when it opens and get back before it starts up. That's it. So you need to be ready to leave about eight in the morning.”

“Oh. Then you don't want to cancel our date to the mall?”

“No. I don't want to cancel our... er... date.” Reluctantly, he let go of her arm. He wanted to say more. To confess that he cared for her. That he actually was looking forward to their 'date'. But he couldn't find the courage so instead he told her, “Be ready, and we might have to cut your shopping short.”

“Hmm. What about your shopping?” She grinned large, twisting to and fro.

“I'm not shopping. I know what I want and where it is. See you in the morning I've got work to finish.” He rushed off feeling a little rattled by his growing attraction to her.


Waiting on Vala, Daniel, his few purchases already stuffed into his laptop case, sat in the coffee shop studying a report from SG-8 about some artifacts on P39-888. His attention was momentarily taken by the big screen TV across the room.

The local weather alert flashed. Conditions were going to change more rapidly and severely than previously thought. A blizzard was expected to begin within the hour.

He grabbed his cell phone and called Vala. Of course he got no answer. “Great.” He knew better than to wander the huge mall. Though, he contemplated parking himself in front of Victoria's Secret which is where, gods forbid, she probably was. Shaking the image from his mind, Daniel tried calling her again. Still no answer. He left a message about the weather and returned to his laptop.

No amount of reading - the same thing over and over - could take his traitorous mind from Vala trying on every intimate outfit in her favorite store. And no amount of trying to dispel the notion that he was growing fonder of her in a way he never wanted or expected was going to work.

Picking up his phone he tried again, this time she answered... in stereo. Daniel looked up to see her approaching with a ridiculous amount of bags. For her. Three. Only Three bags. He stood, “What? Couldn't find anything?”

“I just got started. And it's snowing like crazy out there. Have you seen? I rushed out when I realized the weather was getting bad. Why didn't you call me? Don't you know there's a...” From the look on his handsome face she immediately knew. He had called.

Vala thumbed through her phone. “Oh. You called. Well, whatever, darling. Let's go before we end up being stuck here, which actually wouldn't be so bad.”

Daniel gathered his laptop and followed her out, his gaze dropping much too often to the sway of her hips accentuated by tight fitting leggings. He mumbled to himself. “Oh my god.”

“What?” Vala turned her head to look at him. “Did you say something?”



“Go around, Daniel!”

“Stop yelling! I can't go around.”

“Darling, we'll get stuck here, just go around, right over there, that's towards the SGC.”

“I can't, Vala! It's knee deep in snow and blocked by snow ploughs parked every which way. We'll never make it up the mountain until they're done and it doesn't look like anyone is moving.”

“Well, we can't sit here in the car all day, waiting.”

Daniel sighed, heavily. “Look, we can go to my place and wait this out. It's only two miles.”

When she didn't say anything Daniel turned to find her staring at him with that electric, wide mouth grin of hers, teeth clamped and shoulders raised. He should have been irritated and it irritated him that he wasn't. Not actually irritated, more like amazed.

Damn, he thought, aware that this 'thing' he had for Vala had escalated over the past year. Gripping the steering wheel, he made a slow, cautious turn in the opposite direction from the SGC, back wheels barely holding the road.

Vala seemed tense. Kept making those ridiculous noises she does with her incredibly sexy mouth when she's nervous or unsure.

Finally, Vala got quiet for a short period then blurted out, “We're not going to make it! We're going to be stranded in the car, helpless!”

“Be quiet, I'm concentrating.”

“Fine!” And she started with the quirky noises again.


When the car started sliding towards the curb Daniel slightly turned the wheel and let the vehicle come to a stop.

“Oh no. See, see! We're stuck!”

“Not stuck. Parked. My place is just down this block. We can walk from here. The light's still on in the convenience store. We can pick up some supplies...”

“Food and wine?”

“Sure. Bundle up.”

Vala unbuckled and reached for one of her shopping bags pulling out a pair of winter boots while Daniel made his way around the car to her door. The chilled air crawled down his neck, and burned his cheeks as he waited.

Finally she opened her door.

“All done?” He asked as he turned the collar of his jacket up against a gust of wind.

“For now.” She brushed past him and trudged through the snow.

“Wrong way.” He yelled.

Spinning around too quickly, Vala lost her footing and landed on her bum.

By the time Daniel reached her they were both laughing. “Come on, get off your rear.” He pulled her up and brushed the snow off of said rear. They laughed again. Daniel grasped her hand. “There, I'll keep a hold of you so I don't lose you.”

“Oh. Right.” Vala laced her fingers with his.


They strolled hand in hand laughing. Daniel noticed that people would smile and nod as they passed. He knew. He knew that they thought he and Vala were a couple. And from the look in her eyes maybe, maybe she thought they were. And from the tingling in his chest, maybe he did too.

It's been a crazy year. Both had seemed to let go of their tragic past. Come to a point of reconciliation.

“Where are we going?” Vala craned her neck around as they passed the little store.

“I'm taking you to my place and I'll come back and get some groceries.” Stopping at the entrance to his building, Daniel greeted the doorman. “Hey, Jim. Would you take my friend up to my apartment? I'll be right back.”

“Sure doc.”

Daniel handed Vala the keys and shooed her off.


Picking up the groceries he headed next door to the local coffee shop and got three large hot chocolates, and tray in hand hurried to his building. It wasn't the cold he was running from he realized. The warmth of his companion is what he rushed towards.

Handing off one of the drinks to the doorman Daniel grinned and hopped the elevator.

When he entered his apartment it seemed quiet. He didn't see Vala at first, then noticed her standing at the window watching the snow fall.

Turning, eyes alight with something he hadn't noticed before Vala held him spellbound. “Coffee?” She asked with that voice of hers... the one that could turn a dead man on.

“Nope,” Daniel responded heading into the kitchen.

Vala followed as he set the groceries on the counter the tray still held in his hand.

Her eyes closed as she breathed in the aroma. “Ah, hot chocolate. Wonderful.”

Putting the tray down he dug into the cloth grocery sack and produced a large bag of marshmallows.

“Oh! You bought me marshmallows.” She grabbed the goodies. “You do like me, don't you?”

Taking a step closer he nodded, then took another step that brought him to within an inch or so of her. Without a thought he snaked an arm around her back, tilted his head and kissed that marshmallow loving mouth of hers then slowly pulled away.

“Yeah, I do like you.” And he kissed her again.

Vala stood stunned in his embrace for a mere second before tossing the bag of marshmallows over her shoulder and winding her arms around his neck.

The kiss ended, began again and ended again. When he stopped kissing her Vala's arms dropped and he moved away starting to put the groceries up as if nothing happened.

Vala just stared at his back.

“Hungry?” He asked with a hitch to his voice.

She hesitated a moment before answering. “I'm not sure.”

“The chocolate's getting cold.” Sighing heavily, Daniel stopped and faced her again.

“I don't care.” She stared, unsure.

Daniel shoved his hands in his pockets. “We could build a fire.”

“You already have.”

“Right.” Daniel mumbled, rolling his eyes. “So. I guess... er... I better build the other fire and let this one cool. You can heat up the cocoa.”

Raising a brow she nodded. “Well, that's not exactly what I had in mind. Why'd you kiss me?”

“I couldn't resist.” Daniel pushed his glasses up, sighed, then headed for the fireplace.

“Hmph!” Vala, barely recovered from the onslaught of his incredible kisses, and bewildered by his actions, headed to the kitchen.


They barely spoke as they sat side by side before the roaring fire sipping their drinks, while outside the snow storm had gotten worse and the news reported the closing of most roads. Daniel had made a call to let Mitchell know where they were, and Mitchell said it would be morning before they could send a Humvee to pick them up.

That had him on edge. Spending the night. Here. With her. Truth be told it wasn't that he didn't want to sleep with her. Make love to her. He did. He had had those thoughts for some time now. He just wasn't sure how he would handle that situation... not knowing for sure it wasn't just a casual thing for her. But even if it was just a casual thing, at least for her, maybe he was willing to find out. He wanted something more. That in itself would bring a whole mess of troubles for work. Unless of course they could hide it. For a while.

Meanwhile, poor Vala was as confused as she'd ever been. He kissed her with such passion and tenderness all rolled up into a telling mouthful of things she'd only dreamed about.

Daniel got up and fed the fire, picked up their cups and took them in the kitchen.

Vala stood, moved closer to the fire all the while she watched his every move.

“Hungry now?” He called from the kitchen.

“Aren't I always... well, usually?”

“Where do you put all that food in that slim figure of yours?”

“In my tummy, silly,” Turning away she watched the fire.

“It's flat. And taut.” He was behind her now having quietly approached.

“You noticed?” She shivered when his hand rested on her shoulder.

“I've seen it before.” His words were mumbled as he leaned down and nibbled her neck.

“Oh, right. You have.” Her own voice sounded strange to her.

“Vala.” He turned her towards him but couldn't voice his feelings. Backing her up he stole kisses as he guided her down the hall towards the bedroom. He didn't stop to think about what he was doing.

With her hands braced on his chest and taking tiny steps backwards as he advanced them, Vala spoke low. “But don't you think I might have gained a little?”

Daniel stopped and eyed her speculatively. “Where? In your hair? Because that's the only place I've noticed getting bigger.”

“Is that a compliment?”

Running his fingers through her hair, he gave her a lopsided grin and then hauled her up against him.



Vala Mal Doran realized immediately that she was in big trouble. She was in love. Real love. In love like never before and this was a dream come true... he was her dream come true and she just might be out of her league. Suddenly her confidence waned. She felt nervous. Afraid.

“Hey, what's wrong?” Daniel stopped his methodical undressing of Vala.

Feeling more vulnerable with nothing more than her bra and panties between them, she spoke in a whisper against his neck. “I... I... I'm... Daniel I'm scared.”

He pulled back, blinked in surprised. “Of what?”

“Us. I... I've wanted this for so long, and now I worry that I won't be... be what... I won't be good enou...”

Daniel laughed. Hugged her tight. Then spoke with his mouth sneaking up her neck to her face. “God, Vala, you are everything I ever wanted. I know it's taken some time, I mean for me, but this us, it's real. And, you are the all 'enough' that I want, need, crave.” His hands completely encompassed her head, bringing her face to look up to him. “Beautiful,” was all he said before his mouth fused with hers, hands slowly moving down, palms wide to touch, explore. “You're perfect. Why would you be afraid? If it's what you want?”

“Because, my sweet, sweet, Daniel. I'm afraid that when you make love to me I'm going to tell you... tell you that I love you and I'm afraid that you won't know it's the truth.”

First he let go of her. Felt the rush of his heart near to bursting. He sucked in a breath then all of a sudden a grin spread across his face, his eyes opened wide as he tossed his glasses out somewhere towards the bedside table. Then he pulled his tee shirt off over his head, literally picked her up and tossed her on his bed, stripped out of his jeans and joined her. “I know the truth when I hear it. I love you too.”


another Daniel and Vala short ficlet... Vala decides to abandon her friendship with Daniel
yum, D-V
Abandon Ship
Pairing: as if you need to ask.. Daniel and Vala
Timeline: Soon after Unending
Chapters: One short one – approximately 1800 words

Vala's decision to abandon her friendship with Daniel has an unexpected outcome.


After an hour of total quiet Vala suddenly popped up from her seat across the room from Daniel's desk. Spinning around towards him she stood and blurted out, “I don’t want to be your friend anymore.” Fighting to keep her voice even and not to add, I hate you, which of course she didn’t, but really, she wanted to, Vala, one brow raised, arms crossed, perfected a perfectly normal glare.

Completely taken by surprise Daniel looked up with an expression of utter disbelief. “What!? Why?”

“Because, Daniel…” Vala paused, arms dropping to her side, head tilting down, and said very quietly, “I have serious feelings for you. This friendship is… it isn’t working for me.” Her eyes darted up to see his reaction.

His expression morphed into an open mouthed, wide eyed, appearance of sheer astonishment. Slowly he rose from his chair and approached her, his gaze locked on the top of her head which was still slanted down.

“Er…” he began, but apparently he couldn’t get the words out.

Still looking at the floor Vala nodded in understanding and spoke, her voice coated with a slight rumble as if she were shaking. “Um hmm, exactly. We can still work together, if we have to, here, when we aren’t on a mission and be teammates, of course, on missions. I’d rather not. I mean be here. I mean work here when we’re not out there. By here I mean here. In your office. With you. I requested a permanent spot in Sam’s lab since she’s rarely there. It’s approved. So… well…”

Gently, almost reverently, Daniel touched her cheek, slid his fingers under her chin and raised her face to his.

Vala nearly winced at his apparent delight of her abandoning this friendship. His smile was electric, eyes alive with something odd, like excitement, wonder, joy. Her heart was breaking with the sudden knowledge that he was overjoyed to be free of her. She fought the urge to jerk away and run. But, she had quit running.

“I…” Again he stumbled over his need to express himself.

“For goodness sakes, Daniel! You’re a linguist, spit it out! I can take it!”

“I’m happy. I’m happy that you have serious feelings. For me. Only me, right?”

“I’m sorry. Could you repeat that?” She began to tremble ever so slightly and placed her hands on his chest to steady herself.

“All along I thought that you…”

“No. Daniel. Repeat. Means say again. The thing you said. Not the ‘only me’ part. Of course only you. And I’m offended you’d even…”

His mouth stopped her words with a soft, exploring kiss.

Not only was she still shaking, but now her knees seemed to have mysteriously left her body, otherwise she would have shoved him away! How dare he kiss her like… like… “Mmm,” escaped her, half moan, half protest.

Obviously he didn’t get the protest part, but her mind registered the not so hidden meaning in his kiss.

Daniel deepened the kiss, hands moving from her neck, down her back, one arm wrapping across her, the other inching its way tantalizingly down towards her six. Then when she thought the crazy archeologist was done… seeing as his mouth let go enough to draw a breath… he skewed his head the opposite direction and continued his assault on her willingly participating mouth.

Vaguely she registered that his hands had wandered up her sides just as his thumbs grazed her now aching breasts.

If she hadn’t been so caught up in the war of kiss/hands vs. what the hell is happening, she might not have been so stunned when her back hit the wall and Daniel leaned into the cradle of her body.

The kiss ended as suddenly and unexpectedly as it had come in the first place. Stepping away from her Daniel shoved his hands in his pockets, telling her in a voice thick and deep with arousal, “Probably a good idea for you to work in Sam’s lab.”

Her kneeless legs failed to support her any longer, and Vala slithered down the wall to sit on the floor. She heard him chuckle. “Would you say,” she said, her own voice still laden with left over lust, “That had I told you I no longer wanted to be your friend, let’s say a year ago, that you would have gone crazy then? Because you are crazy now. Wonko!”

Daniel squatted in front of her, still grinning.

Her eyes intermittently darted from his smiling face to the way his pants hugged his crotch.

Taking her hands he stood pulling her up with him. “Come on, let’s get out of here, go someplace we can talk.”

“Talk!” She squeaked out. “You want to talk!? From that little ‘Archeologist gone wild’ scenario I would expect you wanted something to do with that mouth of yours other than talk! I’m so confused, Daniel. This is all so very disturbing. But not necessarily a bad disturbance. No. Not that. But maybe, that. You are happy that I ended our friendship. And glad to have me move my presence from yours by moving into Sam’s lab to work. Right?”

“Yep. Less tempting.” He kept walking, now holding her by one hand and tugging her along.

“And on top of all that, you all but had sex with me there in your office. Right?”

“Yep. Almost.” He pulled her into the elevator and hit the button.

They were alone in the elevator but neither of them said a word. They didn’t exchange a look. They stood close without touching other than holding hands.

The elevator didn’t stop until it got to the checkout point. Letting go of each other’s hand at the same time, Daniel and Vala exited side by side.

Each exchanged some pleasantries with the guards, signed out and took the other elevator up to the top. This time the elevator was crowded and Vala found herself with her backside smushed into Daniel’s front side. Vala grinned finding that quite apparently her Daniel hadn’t fully recovered from that delightfully wonko sexy ambush in his office.

When they reached his car they got in opposite sides, they both buckled their seat belts and then turned to look at each other. All done like some choreographed dance.

Daniel began to speak as fast as he could - in a manner that was meant to get all his words out before she could interrupt and before his intention to express himself got derailed by his own lack of social graces. “I’m not happy to end our friendship, which, by the way, is totally unnecessary. I’m happy that you have serious feelings for me, because I have serious feelings for you and I wasn’t going to scare you off by... by... by mentioning that - because I thought you didn’t have serious feelings for me. I want our friendship, I don’t want to abandon that, I do want a relationship, with you, us together as a couple off work and as friends at work, I want you in my life, my bed, you are already every which way possible in my heart.”

Smiling with lips locked together and eyes wide Vala said not a word but nodded now and then as if she understood this entire situation, which of course she wasn't quite sure she did, other than his serious feelings part. That, actually, she found hard to believe, but, that declaration of his serious feelings made her ecstatic.

After a long moment as Vala remained quiet, Daniel started the car and drove. Silence reigned until he pulled into the parking garage at his apartment. Turning the car off he sat, lips pursed and hands holding tight to the steering wheel. Finally he cleared his throat. “Vala? Did I misunderstand your feelings for me?”

“Heavens no! Well... I don't think so but who knows what's going on inside that handsome head of yours.”

He shifted around to face her. “Then what's wrong?”

Removing her seatbelt, Vala exited the vehicle, then leaned down to see him sitting there looking so adorably confused. “Why do we have to be only friends at work? Then at the rare times we do not have to be at work we can be in the relationship, romantically. Why is that?” She stood straight not waiting on his answer.

Undoing his seatbelt Daniel got out and eyed her over the top of the car. He rolled his eyes, rocking his head back and forth. “It's complicated.” He said. “Come on, let's go inside.”



“No. Not going inside yet. I would be much too distracted as I am sure you would start up again with the kissing.” Walking around the car Vala came to stand in front of Daniel. “We need to settle this right now so I can totally enjoy what's about to transpire, which I have waited way too long for and it's certainly about time.”

“Okay.” He buried his hands in his pockets to keep from touching her.

Vala let her gaze move slowly from his lovely eyes down to his toes and up again. “As I understand it,” she began, hooking her arm through one of his and moving towards the entrance, “we abandon ships. One friend one and then one serious feeling one, depending on where we are. Then,” she continued towards Daniel's apartment, towing him along. “the friendship one gets abandoned, and back to the previously abandoned ship 'serious feelings'. Since we're doing all this abandon ships why not abandon the Good Ship Sucker too?”

“Lollipop.” He said using his free hand to unlock his door.

“Oh. Right. I love that movie.” She released her hold on him and followed him into the apartment. “But, we must...”


With no other forewarning she found herself in his arms, bent back and being kissed quite thoroughly. When his hot mouth moved to her neck Vala began to moan out, “No, no, no.”

“”Wha...?” Finding it difficult to articulate basic words Daniel drew a ragged breath and tried to focus on her face.

“Darling, if you want this...” She flicked her gaze down his body and back up, “... and you obviously do, then you will have to agree to my terms.”

“Okay.” He snatched her up against him and breathed into her ear. “I agree. I agree to everything.”

“But... but... but... oh my god, mmm, ah... wait, can't think.. your hands are... I mean you don't know the terms.”

“Sure I do.” Walking her backwards towards his bedroom he spoke between kisses and nibbles. “Your terms will most likely get us fired. But who cares?”

The back of her knees hit the edge of his bed and she tumbled back laughing with delight.

Daniel took hold of the edge of her tee shirt and pulled it over her head. He wasn't the least bit surprised to see that she wore a lacy, sexy, bra underneath.

Leaning on her elbows and boot heels tucked into the bed rail she watched as Daniel pulled his shirt off, then placing a hand on each side of her he leaned in and kissed her, his hands running up her rib cage to encase each breast.

Vala sighed. “I'm like pudding in your hands.”

“Putty.” He corrected, nipping at her neck.


“Nothing. Vala?”

“Yes, darling?”

“Take your boots off.”


“So I can take your pants off of you.”

They were intermittently kissing as they spoke.

“Ahhh, lovely idea, Daniel.” Vala didn't move, just sat dreamy eyed and smiling wantonly at him.

Daniel reached down and unlaced one of her boots and then the other.

“I don't know why the Air Force can't have the side zippy kind like in the fashion stores.” Her voice was soft and barely above a whisper.

His eyes lifted to hers and found her eyes closed. Grinning, he pulled one of her boots off and tossed it over his shoulder and the the other soon followed.

When he looked up at her, her eyes were wide open and she was grinning.

“I suggest, darling, that you stop right there and remove your boots as not to prolong the culmination of seeding this ship.”

Suddenly he stood straight up. “Damn! Birth control!”

“Oh, posh! Silly. I'm on that already, and we are bombarded with every test known to mankind and some other species. Daniel, my love, get on with it!!”

“Right!” He removed his boots, stripped off her pants, then his, and as she scooted back on the bed he crawled after her kissing his way down her belly. “There will be no abandoning...I'm going down with this ship.


Month of Love Feb 14th - Co-happy-tation Daniel and Vala
yum, D-V

Title: Co-happy-tation

Challenge: Daniel and Vala Month of Love Day 14

Author: Spacegypsy1

Pairing: Daniel and Vala

Timeline: After AoT

Word Count: 7000ish

Daniel and Vala end up having to cohabitate for a few days in a comfortable room that apparently has no doors or windows and not even Vala can escape from.


Valentines Card
yum, D-V

Valentine's Day Card


For Valentine's I offer this other little Daniel and Vala conversation not posted on MOL.


What's that?” Pointing to a red envelope on Daniel's desk Vala eyed him speculatively. “What's it for?”

Snatching up the envelope he put it his desk drawer grumbling, “Mz Nosy Rosie!”

Who's she?”

Huh?” Perplexed, Daniel stared.

That Rosie person, who is she? Is that red envelope for her? Is it Valentines related? I can't believe you didn't tell me you … you... you had a girlfriend! I'm... I'm... I didn't know. I feel like such a fool! I can't believe you cheated on your girlfriend! I would never have gone out on that date with you! And you kissed me! Your tongue was in my mouth! That just sooks! I should never have bought you a silly, stupid, corny, Valentine thingie. Here!” Vala slammed a single heart shaped candy on his desk and rushed out.

Vala! Wait! Mz Nosy Rosie isn't a person... guh. VALA?” Daniel sprinted out of his office and down the hall catching up with her at the elevator. “Vala, stop. Nosy Rosie is a... a saying meaning a person is nosy, as in curious when they shouldn't be. Not a real person. The envelope is for you. I was going to give it to you at dinner tonight. Remember? We have another date.”

Oh.” Vala looked contrite. “Now I really feel like a fool. You don't have a girlfriend?”

Taking her by the arm he guided her back towards his office. “I didn't say I don't have a girlfriend,” he teased.

Stopping short, she jerked her arm free. “Well, which is it!”

Exasperated, Daniel rolled his eyes. “Not which, who.”

Alright, go ahead! Break my heart. Tell me. Who?”

I'm not sure I have one... yet.”

How could you not be sure?”

Here. Read the card.”

She ripped open the envelope and cooed at the lovely, sparkly, glittery front.

Careful when you open it.”

As instructed Vala opened the card slowly, still the two tickets inside almost slipped out. “Oooooo. Ooooohhh! Tickets to Disneyland!” She grinned up at him and then noticed the hand written script in the otherwise blank pages of the card. Vala, be my valentine. You have already stated you will be my friend forever. Be something more than a co-worker, more than a friend. Because my heart belongs to you alone.

The smile quickly disappeared from her face replaced with a look of panic. “Daniel. What does this mean? I mean, does it mean what I think it means or does it mean something I don't understand?”

Suddenly unsure, Daniel's heart began to race. “What do you think it means?”

That I'd be your... more than friend? Girlfriend?” Her eyes were large.

He realized she looked scared. But scared of a committed relationship or something else? It no longer mattered. Taking a deep breath he steadied his heart. He wanted to be a part of her life. He'd decided he would be whatever she wanted him to be. Friend with benefits. Lover. Or husband. Long term or for mere hours. He would be with her.

She'd remained quiet, wide eyed, expectant.

It means whatever you want it to mean.”

They were moving again, side by side, towards his office. Both quiet and thoughtful now.

Daniel sat down behind his desk, still waiting for her reply.

Vala settled on his lap. “I think what I want is more than what you want.”

His hand went around her back and squeezed her waist. “You'll never know if you don't tell me what you want.”

Looking across the office she sighed, “Weellll, what do you want?”

He sighed. “What you want is what I want.”

She started swinging her legs. “I'm not so sure. Tell me what you want that you think is what I want.”

Vala.” He said her name tenderly, his hand coming from her waist to her back. “I want... er... I want you.” And then he rushed on talking his signature fast talk. “I want you anyway you will take me, forever, or just today or maybe forever. Did I say that already? You've wound yourself all around my heart and I can't stop thinking about you or about kissing you, or having you sleep beside me, I can't stop wanting you or needing you and I don't care to spend the rest of my life without you. I mean many couples work together and live together and stay... I... er... ah... somehow, at some point fell in love with you... and....”

Daniel.” She placed two fingers over his mouth. “That's what I want. Have wanted for some time now. Do we have time to go to your place and make love before dinner? And if you want, I would want to be a couple, even if you don't want, well, you know, marriage, or living together....”

His fingers combed through her air as he brought her face to his and he told her as he kissed her, “I want.”

What?” she mumbled through the kiss.

All of it.”


LJ Month of Love Daniel and Vala Conversation
yum, D-V
Title: Who What When Where and Why
Author: spacegypsy1
Rating: PG13
No warnings
Pairings:  Daniel and Vala

Timeline: After AoT
Word Count: 650

For lj Month of Love's  A  Daniel and Vala conversation.


“Daniel, who is this Kay person? And don't tell me to go away, that you're busy, since you’re just standing there staring at your desk. Now. Tell me. Who is Kay?”

“What are you talking about, Vala?”

“Do you know what today is?”

“Of course I do. It's your self-appointed, one of three yearly birthdays and also Valentine’s Day.”

“Yes so, where...”

“Your box of candy is by your computer.”

“Hmm, all chocolate, right? So who is Kay?”

“Kay who?”

“I have no idea, that’s what I want to know.”


“Don't play coy with me Mr. Dr. Jackson! I saw a receipt with that name on it and all I know is every kiss begins with Kay. Daniel, tell me, have you kissed her? Him?”


“This Kay person! For goodness sakes, Daniel it’s Valentine’s Day! Are you kissing someone else?”

“Noooo.” Baffled, he realized he'd almost lost the string of this conversation.

“Oh, stop standing there all seductive and... and hot... and attractive. With your hands in your pockets and that... that sexy grin on your handsome face! Your kisses, they're just for me, right?


“Please don't grin at me like that. You make my knees weak. You swear?”

With a serious look, Daniel nodded. “I swear.”

“So who is Kay?”

“Not a who.”


“Kay. Not a who, a where.”

Vala gave him a curious look. “What kind of where?”

“The kind of place where that came from.” His gaze flicked to his desk.

“What? Oh, what your lovely blue eyes are looking at? Why is that pretty little box on your desk?”

“Because I bought it.”

“Why did you get what you got where you got it and when you got it who did you get it for? Daniel? Are you going to answer me? Where are you going? Why... why are you taking the pretty little box? Where are you going? Daniel? Daniel, I'm following you! What’s in the box? Who is the box for? Daniel? Daniel! When are you going to tell me? DANIEL!”


“Oh, damn. Don't stop so fast like that. As much as I enjoy bumping into you... well, this isn't the where to do what we do, when we do it. The box, darling, what's in the box? Who, I mean, where is this Kay? Why are you pulling me into the closet... mmm, kisses. Mmm.”



“Left hand, Vala. I need it.”


“For what's in the box. Where is it?”

“What? The box? I don't have the box, where is it?”

“I have it, I need your hand. Where is it?”

“It's the one trying to undo your belt.”

“Not now.”


“When we get home.”

“What's in the box... Oh. Oh. Is that... what is that? Why is that sparkly ring in that pretty little box? When did you get it? Where... I mean. Daniel. What is it for? Who...?”

Who? It's for you. For us. Vala? Hold your hand out. No. The other one. What? Will you marry me? When? Today, or tomorrow, or next week, but soon. Where? Wherever you want. And why? Because I love you.”

“Oh, darling, it's lovely. Yes. Of course. And so sweet of you to ask me on one of my birthdays! But in the closet? Why?  Is it a secret?  Who Can I tell? Where....”


Fill In Daniel and Vala - Just for fun
yum, D-V
You Say Goodbye, I say Hello

From 2008 FFN, Lessons Never Learned Series. A bit angsty in the beginning - what a perfect arena to knock some sense into Daniel!


“I’ve been thinking.”

Dull eyes opened. “Really? You…” he coughed, “…thinking?”

“Ha-ha, very funny, Daniel.” Vala shined her light towards his face and saw his struggle to grin.

“So…what…thinking?” His head went back against the hunk of metal that had once been part of some building.

“Samantha and Muscles will be back any minute. Remember? They went to the Stargate for help?”

He mumbled something, fighting to stay focused.

“You shouldn’t sleep.” Vala wiped the blood that continued to ooze from his head. For a second her eyes, fat with tears, lifted to Cameron, who worked to staunch the flow of blood from Daniel’s chest. Her gaze came back to the face she loved. “Stay awake, Daniel. I need you. Stay awake. They’ll be here soon. I promise.”

“’kay.” His eyes fluttered closed.

“Daniel? Daniel!? Wake up, darling. Daniel!?”

Mitchell taped the chest wound as best he could. “Jackson! God damn it, man!”

Vala’s fingers went to the pulse point of his throat. “It’s weak. It’s so weak, Cameron.”

“Jackson, buddy, stay with us.”

“Darling, please. Open your lovely baby blues for me.”

Coughing, Daniel fought hard to open his eyes. He coughed again. A lopsided smile graced his pale lips as his fevered gaze lifted to Vala. Just barely above a hoarse whisper he spoke. “Kiss me good-bye.”

Mitchell’s breath seemed to stop. He sat back on his heels and turned away, staring off towards the Stargate.

With a tortured gasp she told him, “No. Daniel, no.”

Voice strained and filled with pain, Daniel managed to speak again. “Kiss me. Don’t let me die without a kiss. It’s been so long. Love you…”

Tears ran unheeded down her cheeks as she leaned, as if in slow motion, placing trembling lips, cold with fear, against his slack mouth.

“I love you,” she whispered. Vala tucked her head in the crook of his neck and wept.

When she felt the hand on her shoulder, she tried to shake it off.

“Vala? Vala?”

At Sam’s urgent voice, her head jerked up. Sam pulled her away from Daniel’s limp body as the med team rushed forward.

“He’s dying. Sam, Daniel is…”

“No! They’ll get him back in time. They will.” Sam held Vala aside as they carried him out.


Still in civvies after four weeks, Daniel wandered into Sam’s lab.

“Hey, you’re looking good.” She smiled. It was the truth, even if he still looked a bit gaunt and was a few weeks away from returning to active duty.

“Tell me something.” He propped his six on her desk.


“What did I do?”

“What do you mean?”

“Vala. She’s …somehow…she seems …different.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“Yes you do.” Although he frowned, it held a bit of brotherly love.

“Alright. Have a seat.” She indicated a chair and he took it, relaxing into it easily.


“So, you asked for a kiss goodbye. AND, you said the L word. Which, by the way, she thinks you were only saying because you were delirious, but…it’s a big one. She’s in love with you. She nearly lost you; she’s pulling back…sound familiar? She doesn’t … where are you going?”

Daniel stood and walked towards the door. “I heard all I needed to hear.”

“Daniel. Please wait.”

“Sam,” he said from the doorway. “I’ve got to go talk to her. I thought I’d dreamed that while I was…well you know, it was rough. But I remember her there by the bed all that time, afterward. And when I did finally come around, she skittered off and has barely said one word to me. I know how to fix this.”

Surprised, Sam asked, “You do? How?”

Hands in jeans pockets, he grinned. “I need to apologize...”

“No. Wait. Give it some….”

“Apologize for waiting so damned long. For waiting until I thought I was going to die, thinking I was never going to see her again, before I realized how strongly I feel.”

With a big grin, Sam rushed to him, hugged him, kissing his cheek. “Good. I love you too, but…”

“Yeah. Me too.” He hugged her close, “Sam. Let me go, before I chicken out.”

“Right, go.”


He found her sitting alone at a table in the otherwise crowded mess hall. “Hey.”

“Hello. Feeling good today?”

“Very.” He didn’t sit, just smiled down at her.

“So. That’s good.” Propping her elbow on the table, Vala dropped her chin to the top of one hand and fiddled with her plate of fruit. She shoved the peach slices around, arranged the strawberries in order of size and picked up a kiwi slice, flopping it to and fro.

“Take a walk with me?”

“Oh, I don’t know, Daniel, I’m very tired. And hungry.” She stuffed the kiwi in her mouth and followed up with a whole strawberry just to be sure there was no room in there for talking.


Vala chewed slowly, staring at the hand that had appeared in front of her in invitation. It took her a minute to figure out what to do. She spit the strawberry top into his hand. “Thanks.”

He burst out laughing, and the sound squeezed her heart until she couldn’t even think, much less speak.

Dumping the debris from his hand, Daniel reached and pulled hers right out from under her chin, dragging her up and pulling her behind him.

“Well. I suppose I COULD take a walk.” He’d certainly gotten his strength back, she thought as he tugged her along.

He didn’t say another word as he walked beside her, his fingers entwined with hers.

“Where are we going?” The silence was driving her wonko.

“Out for a drive.”

“You can drive?”

“Yep. I can do anything physical I want to.”


“Oh, yeah.”

“Where are we driving to?”

“I have no idea. We’ll know when we get there.”

“What direction are we taking?”

“What direction do you want to take?”

Vala pulled her lips between her teeth and thought long and hard about that one. “A new direction.”

“Forward?” He stopped in front of the elevator doors, eyes straight ahead.

She ducked her head and looked away before turning back with determination. “Yes.”

“You’re sure?” This time he turned to look at her face.

“You’re not?” She bit her lip in worry, brows scrunched.

“I am.” He squeezed her hand.

“Me too.” She grinned, delighted.

Daniel combed his fingers through her hair, cupping her neck and bringing her face close. His mouth sealed with hers, and she moaned.

The elevator doors slid open, and someone got out. “Well this is different.”

Daniel rushed Vala into the elevator. “Hi, Jack.” He punched the up button. “Bye, Jack.”


Just a fun little Daniel and Vala moment
yum, D-V
Vala Speak
One Shot
About 700 words

A short Daniel and Vala moment. Vala's confused, confusing Daniel. Teal'c helps Daniel figure it all out. Established relationship.


Rushing into Daniel's office Vala skidded to a sudden stop. "What?"

Standing at a bookshelf he turned with a confused expression. "What, what?"


Daniel set down the book he was holding. "Why are you here?"

"You told me you needed to talk to me, so I rushed down."

"Oh. Right. No hurry. I just wanted to tell you you have to stop stop doing the flirty things."

"What is stop stop... that's a new one. I get the what what and the you you. I need to put the stop stop on a quickie note to add to my Tau'ri weird words spreadsheet."


"Oh, gods! Now we have a stop stop that has something to do with sticky?"

"No. Sticky note, not quickie. Quickie is something..."

"Oh, I know that one, like the time we did it in the..."


"Stop stop or stop what? You're purposely trying to confuse me, Daniel!"

Befuddled, Daniel sighed. "Let's start over."

"But i need to..."

"Forget all that. What I meant is you've stopped being all flirty."

"Well, darling, I've got you now so I no longer need to be all flirty."

"Yes, you do. People are beginning to wonder why. We don't need anyone figuring out why."

"So..." Vala took a few steps towards him, her dark brows scrunch, "Let me see if I completely understand. You want me to irritate you with constant sexual innuendos, though, I don't have to do anything but look at you for you to get all hot and buttered."


She slammed her hands on her hips and raised her voice. "If it bothers you so much why do you want me to do it!"

"Hot and bothered, not hot and buttered! You've been here long enough to learn..."

"Oh stop stop! There are enough of your crazy Tau'ri words to fill a Mothership!!"

He huffed out a weary breath, took off his glasses, rubbed his eyes, stuck the glasses back in place, walked to his desk and sat. Leaning an elbow on the desk, he palmed the side of his face with a light tap and stared across the room.

Stupefied, Vala stood watching him for a long moment before speaking. "Daniel. I am going to my quarters, taking off all my clothes, getting under the covers, and waiting on you."

"We don't ... do it on base."

"Bullshit!" Vala tossed her head back, “Just about every time when everyone is gone except us. And except for Muscles - and he's leaving soon – everyone is gone, that is everyone in our little row of rooms.”

"You don't have any trouble leaning the correct curse words."

"I'm leaving now."

"I'll be right behind you."

"Grr, that sounds naughty."


"Well you don't have to get all cut up about it! It was your idea in the first place or first time." She spun and marched out of his office.

Running, she turned a corner and nearly plowed into Teal'c.

“Is everything alright? You rushed out of the mess hall.”

“I'm fine Muscles, Daniel wanted to tell me something.”

“Vala Mal Doran, Daniel Jackson's office is in the other direction.”

“I know!” She called back. “He's on his way. I'm off to meet him for a morning twist. He has no idea that you all know. You, Sam, Jack, Mitchell and General Landry. See you later!”

Teal'c continued on as Vala dashed off.


Daniel took his glasses off again, set them on the desk and rose. With hands deep in his pockets and a big grin on his face he sauntered off towards Vala's quarters.

When he passed Teal'c he nodded.

The Jaffa nodded back and called out as Daniel went on, “I do believe she meant tryst and not twist.”

Stunned, Daniel stopped dead in his tracks, dropped his head and sighed. Without turning around he spoke. “I should have Duct tapped her mouth.”

“That would be counter productive seeing her predilection for kissing you when neither of you thinks anyone is watching.”

Finally, Daniel turned around. “So everyone knows?”

“For quite some time. Go. She is waiting.”

“Oookaay, I best go, wouldn't want to miss the twist.”


Nuts! A Daniel and Vala Fanfiction
Title: Nuts
Author: spacegypsy1
Word count: 8200
Rated: PG-13
Chapters: Four - All posted together - here

Vala has to pass a different psych evaluation to be able to move off base. Daniel, Cam, Sam, Carolyn and Teal'c will speak on her behalf. D/Vness included.

Chapter One


Personal notes of Lt. Col.(Dr.) Xavier E. Holiday, USAF, Psychiatrist, Washington, DC. And yes, they call me Doc Holiday. My assignment came from Homeworld Security and the White House. They want someone not connected to the project. An outsider that can think like an outsider. Intriguing.

I’m staring at a Top Secret file, one of several, that has been so redacted, each page looks like a giant bar code. Flipping through the rest of the files, on those selected by Homeworld Security to speak on her behalf, I see the same thing.

The subject's name is Val. That's it, that's all I am to know. Each folder has a piece of paper paperclipped to the front with the following in this order. Two sessions with Val,(Female Civilian Contractor, weapons expert). After Val's last session the others come in no particular order. Oddly, no names are given. All that they informed of is: Three civilians. Two male and one female. Two USAF Lt Cols. One male, one female.

I have to confess that I can't quite understand the menagerie that makes up her support group, or what the hell these people do, or why Val isn't allowed off base. Most likely, the two colonels are involved in whatever she does. The civilians, however, are a mystery.

I received the files yesterday, so I've had little time to make some sense out of what small amount of information I do have. From what I can discern two of the civilians are a CMO, and an Archeologist, the other one a closed book, not even much information redacted or not.

I figured all of that out by putting the pieces together from all of the files. It wasn't easy but having a specialty in behavioral science, I have a keen eye for what others might think unimportant.

I was told by the very top brass at the very top of the brass that I am not to delve into her past or for that matter anyone's past but to evaluate how well Val can cope, on a personal level, in everyday life.
Nothing concerning anyone's ‘day job’ but life off work/base. Which of course is absurd, because one influences the other. I took the job anyway. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to do Top Secret work for the NORAD facility in Cheyenne Mountain?

Unfortunately, at this point, they are coming to me so I won't be visiting them there. The brass wants a completely unbiased opinion. As if THAT exists in reality!


Session one of two. Personal notes. Subject Val.

She entered cautiously and looked around, bottom lip tugged between her teeth.

I greeted her with, “Good morning.”

Val appeared worried and said in an accent I couldn't quite put my finger on, “You don't have one of those awful lie... I mean misunderstanding detectors do you?”

“No, nothing like that. Please have a seat.”

Taking a cautious step forward she eyed me suspiciously, whispering, “What about the paper game thingies with the nonsensical blobs?”

“No. We're just here to talk.” I gave her a warm smile and indicated the large overstuffed chair.

She sat. “Oh this is comfy, where'd you get it?”

From the beginning I was very interested in her story. She's an attractive woman with dark hair, slim, who carries herself confidently, even if her concerns and wording seem odd.

I answered her question. “I don't know where they got it. It was here when I moved into this office.”

Val nodded in understanding looking out over the Washington skyline.

“Alright, let's get started.” When I spoke, Val turned back to me bobbing her head so I proceeded. “I know you're instructed not to talk about what you do, or names of the others who will speak on your behalf, and no naming anyone, place or thing connected to where you work.” I paused, once again thinking how absurd this job is, then asked, “How are you doing?”

“Okay, but I'm still getting over my date from last night.”

“Oh?” I prompted, amazed at how quickly she was ready to talk.

“I only went because I think I need to move on. Or maybe I wanted to make someone jealous. It ended not so bad, since we had frozen yogurt with some kind of nuts. Door nuts, or floor nuts or something like that.”

It took me a minute but I finally got it, “Wall? Walnuts?”

“That's it!”

“You've never had walnuts?”

“Wellllll, no. My teammates… ah, well that’s not right, I mean my friends, mates but not team or married kind, and not like work mates because we can't discuss that, but like friends, they all eat nuts, so I've had a limited sampling. One of the guys, one that I want to... umm, anyway, he likes rocks and statues, books and digging in ruins and eats pistachio nuts. And... ah… the other one that's sorta kinda like our boss… we have a competition to see who has flown the most odd ships and I’m way ahead of him, he likes pecans.”

She paused for a half second breath before prattling on. “Muscles, you don't know him, and that's not his name, he has a scary past – like, but not like, me, but he understands me but I think I drive him as crazy as I do Pistachio, but I’m not attracted to Muscles, who eats peanuts, raw, roasted, salted, or otherwise prepared. And then, my best friend, well female friend, the brainy one that theorizes about eeevveerrry thing, she likes almonds and my other best female friend is a doctor.”

Nodding almost continuously, I affected a professional countenance, with much effort during her apparently unending speech.

“Well,” Val sighed, “oddly, so is the one that eats almonds and the one that eats pistachios, but the doctor, is a CMO doctor who eats macadamia. I just found out what CMO means a month ago and I thought it was GMO, like Genetically Modified Organism, which we have all at some point had experience ourselves with genetic modification. So no. Never had walnuts. They're very good.”

I'm surprised I followed that entire conversation and in the process garnered a lot of information. “That's it?”

“Yes. Very good is very good.”

“No. I mean the date.”

“We didn't eat dates.”

“The DATE.” I said, thinking, 'THIS is the weapons expert'?

“Oh, well then, the date just wanted to get into my panties. It was awkward. He was upset because he thought I was easy, or so the rumor is that I'm easy. You know, like I've had sex with a lot of people. I haven't had sex since my wedding night. I'm divorced now. I think. Everyone wants to get in my panties except the one I want in my panties. Isn't that always the way it goes? Or so I'm told.”

She wiggled deeper into the plush chair.

I remained astonished at her rapidly fired explanation. “So how does that make you feel?”

“That you can't know the names or about the chair?”

Her candid talk followed by her sudden effort to change the subject, or a lack of following the conversation, had me hesitating a few seconds – but I think Val is clever, has a strong and quick mind that works in self-defense. I also think she is definitely NOT from around here. “No, the rumors.” I said.

“Oh. Pfft! Nothing new. My team doesn't think that, at least not since I … well, not in a while, and the General, the doctor and the gate guy and a few others know I'm not like that. I can't stop the rumors.”

“Very true.”

“Actually, I don't think many think that now that they all know me. At first it was really hard, since, well, I came from... way, way out of town and don't always understand their idioms...meanings.”

I laughed and told her: “You'll catch on. It's not like you're from outer space.”

“Oh. That's so nice of you to say, thank you. See, I can fit in. Especially if, if HE, the pistachio guy, invites me to share his apartment. I think he's thinking about it. He's said some things that make me think he might. You know, just as a roommate.”

“Ah, I see. This man...”

“The pistachio nuts guy.”

“Yes, Pistachio, he's the one that you want to...”

“Oh, yeah. Him.” She shrugged her shoulders forward and grinned wide with her teeth clamped and eyebrows high.

I jotted notes and when I looked up I realized she watched me warily. “Alright.” I said. "It says here that you are a weapons expert."

"Not just weapons. I'm an expert at procuring things - Top Secret things - that are difficult to procure."

"Like a cat burglar?"

Her eyes grow unusually large. "No! We can't have cats on base. I would love one, and I wouldn't have to burgle it, I could get it at a shelter. But, I have to go way out of town, a lot, making it more difficult to have one, even if I was allowed to."

"Way, out of town?"

"Yes, way, way out of town. Way far."

Wherever she's from it must be completely off the grid. Surely she's seen movies about cat burglars. "You do watch movies?"

"Um hmm. Since I've been living on base. We have team movie night. Mus... Peanut has over 1000. He's our very own private Red Box except he's kind of a golden brown."

"You've never seen To Catch A Thief?"

Grimacing, she perfected a shiver indicating her distaste. "I absolutely refused to watch that!"

"I see. As a weapons expert do you carry firearms when you aren't on the job?”

“No. Sometimes I like to stash a, a... well, no.”

“I think since they have acknowledged you as a weapons expert you can tell me what you 'stash'.”

“No. I can't. It's just a funny thing like a... taser.”

I nodded, “Perfectly understandable. Now, let me see if I understand something. The, ah, nuts you mentioned, they’re who you work with, aren't they?”

“Oh. Er. Maybe. Except for the doctor, the macadamia, we're a team. I can say that? Or is that what I wasn't supposed to tell you? The work/team thingie. I think you might have led me into saying that. Is it okay?”

“Sure. Let me ask you this. You have feelings for one of the people on your team, right?”

“Did I say that?”

“Do you?”

“Oh. Ah. Nope, a, a guy, a guy in the kitchen. NO! He works at Starbucks, he's crazy about coffee.”

“Val,” I looked at her panicked expression and gave her an honest smile. “Don't worry, our conversations will remain private.”

“Hmm, well, maybe I do.”

“Pistachio? You're attracted to him and would like to take your relationship with him further. To be intimate?”

“Intimate! I'm crazy in love with him. I would like to kidnap him, which by the way I should have done the first time I met him. But yes, I'd like to be intimate for days and days on into eternity... Am I in trouble for saying that?”

“No. That's not what we're here to talk about.”

“Then why'd you ask?”

“Hard to explain. Don't worry, your secret is safe. Nothing you say will get you in trouble. This isn't about what you say about work.”

“I can't be crazy because I already passed that test and I'm a standing up member of my team. I mean upstanding.”

“You're doing fine. I only want to help you get out on your own if you're ready.”

“I'm soooooo ready.”


End Session One Val


Chapter Two – Nuts

Personal notes of Lt. Col.(Dr.) Xavier E. Holiday, USAF, Psychiatrist.

I have thoroughly gone over all my notes, official and personal, concerning Val, as well as tried to see if I missed anything in the files that were sent to me.

Although she is 'quirky', and no I wouldn't mention that in my official report, she appears to be otherwise quite stable, interesting, personable, and probably more able to live in a normal environment then most clients I have dealt with.

She is not shy when speaking about personal things, she will however jump from subject to subject. She manages to take her comments to the edge and bring them back to where I'm not always convinced I understood correctly. As I have mentioned before she's clever, actually quite brilliant. It's a coping mechanism, long standing I'm sure, perfected for so long that it's her natural mode of conversation now. I really would like to figure that out.

Session two of two. Personal notes. Subject Val.

Val arrived on time, took a seat, pulled her legs up into the chair, rubbed her hands together, and said, “I'm ready, shoot.”

“Good. How are you today?”

“Great! What are we talking about this time?”

As I am jotting down notes I told her, “Since I can't ask about your past, before coming to America and living at the base, I want to know what types of feelings you experienced during your past.”


It took great effort not to whip my head up or speak with concern. “Like?” I prompted.

“Like being trapped inside some evil manipulating thing and watching unspeakable, violent acts.”

I have been doing this for a long time and was surprised that my heart began to race. It was simply and honestly stated - the way she said it - that held something remarkably profound. She is like no other combat veteran I have ever worked with. I waited a few seconds to be sure my voice didn't betray something untoward. “Alright. How do you feel about that now?”

“It wasn't me, so I deal with it.”

I almost can't think of my next question I am so wrapped up in her previous response. “Any nightmares?”

“At first. Not so much now.”

“And how do you deal with nightmares?”

“I go to Pistachio's quarters until I fall asleep.”

“So you sleep with him?”

“Just sleep. When I first settled into the base, after I was accepted on... I mean here, and I had many nightmares I would sit against his door and finally fall asleep for a while. Then he figured out I was doing that and he watched for me and let me in. I'd sleep on top of his covers. He'd cover me with another blanket. I'd sleep a few hours and leave. That was the first year or so.”

“And now?”

“Now I rarely have nightmares. Only one so far in the last few months. I'd gotten to the point, eventually, that I just knocked on his door, he'd open it without a word, and I'd just snuggled into his bed right next to him and he'd ask how I am and talk to me because he understood and then I'd fall asleep. When I'd wake up he'd be gone and I always found him asleep in his office. Nothing happened, I mean sexually, he's not fond of me in that way.”

“Maybe it's the opposite?” Surprised by her look of awe, I knew she never considered that. “If he cares for you, he wouldn't want to take advantage of you while you're in a vulnerable state. If he were indifferent to you in that way he would have slept there. Like a friend or brother. Like in the beginning.”

“Like pecans and peanuts.” Val pulled her bottom lip in between her teeth, dark brows scrunching downward, as if considering that.

I was beginning to understand the other... nuts and their roles in her life. When she didn't say anything else, I continued. “What are some other personal concerns?”

“That's it.”

She was holding back so I pushed on. “What would you do if you live off base and have a nightmare?”

“Be upset, call him... call Pistachio.”

“And if he's not there? What if he leaves the job, moves away? Or if something happens to him?”

“Well, I could call Almonds, but she's way too far away, calls don't go through to where she is very fast, could take days and by then I'd be fine. I can't call Macadamia because she'd send the SFs to pick me up. Peanuts would worry, rush right over and insist on taking me to see Macadamia and Pecans would ground me for weeks and send me to Macadamia AND to the stink... er, sink?”


“Right, sorry, I still get things mixed up.” Sighing deeply, her head went back to rest on the chair. “I'll cope. I always have. I always will. It would be sad, so sad, if something happened to him. But I like being happy, being safe and I'd want to get back there if I got all out of whack about him, I'd get back there at some point. I like my job. My old life is like a false memory.

“I don't want to think about him not being around. Our job can be dangerous, I'm not so naive to think he, or anyone of us is completely safe, or will always be here. I mean if he is, he will always be there for me. I know that. I need to remember I know that.”

There it is. The gist of it. These Nuts, work with her on some Top Secret, dangerous job. Possibly for the Air Force. I wonder if it has to do with UFOs? Interesting. “You're not afraid to live alone?” I asked.

“No. If I become afraid I can always come back and live on base. I need some sunshine. I want to learn how to cook. I want to find someone to...” Her voice caught and I realized she was holding back tears.

“Go on, Val. Tell me, that's what I'm here for.”

“I'm in love with him, the Pistachio nut guy. But he likes me as a friend. I'm pretty sure, or I was pretty sure that's all. And I have to get past this thing I have for him and find someone to share my life with. Someone else to love. I'm not so different than all of you. You people here on... in this part of the world.” She sat forward, “I don't care to ever live my old life again. I don't have a problem with vacuuming... well, it's weird and scary... vacuuming, but I can do it! I can drive now. And I can shop, even for groceries. I don't want to fly around all the time and never know where I am going. Or who's coming after me. I know the risks, Doc Holiday, I really do. It's not like I haven't been snatched off the streets before, or more correctly out of a restaurant. But we don't have that kind of problem anymore. I doubt anybody would come after me now. I want windows. And a kitten.”

“That is all very normal. Except for the being snatched part.”

“So you think I passed?”

“I think you're fine. I have some notes to work with and I have to see the others starting tomorrow.” I gave her a big smile. “Don't worry, Val, don't worry.”

She stood up. “I can go now?”

“You don't have anything else you want to talk about?”

“Not that I can talk about to you.” she grinned.

I knew she was holding something back. Probably about Pistachio.“What about money? Furniture? Things like that?”

“I'm hoping Pistachio comes through with an offer. If not, well, I'll figure it out. I suppose I should move on, but if he asks I'm saying yes to being a roomie, and I'll work on the getting over him later. So, that's it, I can go... now?”

“Yes, you can go.”

End Val's Sessions:


Chapter Three - Nuts

Personal notes of Lt. Col.(Dr.) Xavier E. Holiday, USAF, Psychiatrist.

Subject Val. Support Group:


I have an idea on how to figure out who is who. Nuts. I'll try to match up the nut to the person. Pistachio is the one Val has a thing for. He sounds like an archeologist or geologist which matches up with my suspicions. What an archeologist or geologist is doing with the rest is beyond my scope of knowledge at this point.

I know I can figure this out. At some point. Peanuts should be easy to spot. Pecans is her or their boss or team leader – he's probably the Air Force Colonel, – Val referred to him as 'he', so not the female Air Force Colonel, Almonds. I admit I don't have a clue as to who Almonds is or what she has to do with all of this. And I can't figure out why the CMO – Macadamias - is a part of this, either. With her so called support group coming, I should learn a lot from all of... the nuts.

Group Session One:

I squelched a chuckle when he walked in. No doubt, 'Muscles', meaning he's the one that likes Peanuts.

The man is solid muscle, but not overly so. And, truthfully, he did have a tad bit of a gold tone.

“Hello, please have a seat.” I said sort of doing a sweep of the room past chairs and a couch. He chose the large overstuffed chair as Val had. Most do. He settled into it quite well. “Nuts?” I offered indicating the line-up of bowls on the front of my desk.

“I am not hungry.”

I nodded, undeterred. “Do you have a favorite nut?”


I laughed and his lips twitched.

“I enjoy all peanuts, Doctor Holiday, especially Cajun boiled peanuts. They are often difficult to acquire.”

“I never think of nuts as being for hunger. These peanuts are freshly roasted and salted with Himalayan Pink salt. Have some?”

“I see, then yes, I will have some peanuts.”

We each took a few nuts, then settled back.

He watched me intently, and I offered up, “How do you like to spend time with Val?”


“Oh, okay, which ones?”

“All. She likes romantic comedies and documentaries on the environment. I like Star Wars.”

“Anything else?”


“I don't know that one.”

“Of course not, it is a place. Way, way out of town.”

“Okay, is that where you and or Vala is from?”

“No. She often enjoys accompanying me when I go there. I like to go there.”

“So you live on base?”

“I do.”

“How's that going?”


“Why don't you tell me, without revealing anything top secret, what you think about Val that would support her bid to move off base.”

“She is strong, resilient, kind, skilled, focused when necessary. A very brave woman. A warrior, few can fly any ship found or procured as well as she. She can live amongst the peoples of this area, or anywhere ever in the vast universe, and she can fit in. There is no reason she should not be allowed the freedoms that she has fought hard to protect for all.”

“Good. Nicely put. So, what would you wish for her future?”

“That she moves in with... someone she admires. That she marries him and has many children and lives a long and happy life.”

“And for yourself?”

“I am not the subject of this meeting.”

“Right. What else can you say on Val's behalf?”

”She is capable of living alone in your crazy world like any other born to it.” Peanuts stood, took the remaining peanuts, nodded politely, and left.

~End Session.


Group Session Two:

I'm a bit suspicious of a CMO for NORAD. What the hell goes on down there? Anyway, the doctor arrived next – I knew because of the nuts.

Spitfire! That's all I could see when she flounced in the door demanding, “Why am I here?”

“You tell me.” I answered.

“I was ordered to!”

“So was I. Have a seat.”

“This isn't going to take long is it? I have a lot to do.” She plopped down in the big chair, dark eyes sparking, lips pursed.

“Then let's get to it. Nuts?” I indicated the lineup.

“Whadda you got? Oh, Macadamia. Yum. I'll have some of those.”

“How are you doing, today?”

“This isn't about me. But, I'm fine. I'm always fine. Everyday I'm fine.”

I pushed the bowl of Macadamia nuts closer, towards her. “I'd say you were on the defensive today.”

Ah there it was, the long silence as she stares out the window.

“It's just my personality, or didn't they tell you?” Finally she looked back. “I really am fine and I love my job.”

“Do you interact with Val only when necessary or do you interact if you are not at work? When you are both not at work? Somewhere together or separate?”

“You mean there's something called 'not at work'?”

Her smile was dazzling.

“For some,” I say, grinning. “IF you have time off what do you do?'

“Sleep. Shop, dinner, movies, and dancing with Vala, that's her real name. Oops.” she adds, rolling her eyes. “Sometimes our other friend joins us. We're a tripod, at least we used to be, we're all so busy now. I also skype my mom.”

“Does your mother live in the same way, way out of town place that Val talks about?”

“Oh, heavens no!” She laughed and I grinned. “My mother spends a lot of time back home, in Viet Nam where she met and married my father. They're divorced and seeing each other off and on again.”

“And your father?”

She took another handful of Macadamia nuts, “You don't know?”

I just shook my head.

“He runs the base. Look, let's get to the reason we're both here. I have to tell you that there is nothing that should preclude Vala from living off base. The only, and I mean ONLY reason she has not been granted permission is bureaucracy or bull shit as I call it. She's been on this plan..., ah, area for years. What the hell could they be worried about? Do they think some hideous monster is going to burst out of her chest and kill everyone on the planet? Stupid!

“This whole thing... this using you as an outsider... is to show us that we are wrong and they are right. I can assure you they, those who sought you out, are arrogant enough to be certain you will find fault with Vala. You're a puppet! Because she's quirky and, and, well, from way, way out of town you probably....”

I held a finger up and she stopped her rant. “I know she's a bit eccentric, which isn't something I need to report, and they picked the wrong person if they think I perceive Val...”

“Vala. Her name is Vala and there is no reason you can't know that!” She gave me a cold stare and I dared not reprimand her.

“Perceive Vala, as incapable of fitting in. She is the epitome of unique and her personal life skills are extremely well balanced.”

Doctor Macadamia looked down, as if worried. Then, head still down, those dark eyes looked up and held my attention. “I think I may have blurted out too much info. I was speaking metaphorically, of course.”

“No problem. You got your point across.”

~End Session.


Chapter Four

Personal notes of Lt. Col.(Dr.) Xavier E. Holiday, USAF, Psychiatrist.

Subject Val. Support Group

Val is Vala, a little less used name I'm sure, but not something I can google and peg her to... which I didn't because I was cautioned not to try to get information on anyone. Simply, as an outsider, give a recommendation on Val, as to her emotional stability for living off base. That's it. That's my nice extra income job. Still one has to wonder at all the secrecy.

The CMO, Macadamia, is not afraid to buck the system (or her father) and is one of Vala's best friends. So the female USAF Lt Col coming soon has to be Almonds. And of course there's Peanut/Muscles, and his notes and session tells me nothing about him, other than he is a very nice man and seems protective of Vala.

Today I might be able to tag the rest, because only three remain. Not sure who is showing up today but I know it's one of three... I know the woman is Almond and if a male comes first I'll know who is Pistachio and who is Pecan.

Group Session Three

Okay. This guy must be Pistachio. A handsome man. Dressed casual, jeans and a black T-shirt, very relaxed, not the least bit nervous, grinning and blue eyes smiling.

“Hey, Doc.” He said coming in the door. The man went straight to the big chair, grinned, and eyed the nuts.

“Have some. What's your favorite?”

“I like most all of 'em.”

“Oh. The pecans are fresh shelled and shipped from Alabama, the pistachios are...”

“Whoa! Fresh shelled from 'bama. My favorite. Not fond of pistachios, work with a guy who loves 'em.”

“So, how are you?”

“I suppose you could say my job is drivin' me nuts.”

“How so?”

“Oh, you know... nothing I wanna talk about.”

“Top Secret?”

“Hardly. Two co-workers are sorta spinning me around and around. I think they're attracted to each other but won't take the leap. Or one won't. Then if they do take a leap, that puts me in a weird place. Anyhow, like I said I don't wanna talk about it. Don't even know why I brought it up. Guess you're that good at your job.”

“Alright, thanks, I think. How long have you known Val?”

“Long enough to know she's a smart woman with enough sense to live off base. I don't get this whole scheme the brass has to evaluate her to see if she's capable of living in the world like the rest of us. That's just damn crazy. Did she blab a lot of top secret, secrets?”

“No. Of course not, she...”

“Then explain why they think she shouldn't be out and about. Do you think she's a risk to National Security?”

“I do not. I think she is stable. Resourceful. And capable.”

“Then my work is done. I have a few things I have to do since I'm in Washington anyway. Thanks for the chat.”

He was gone in a flash. And he was right. This is just damn crazy.

~End Session

Group Session Four

I was making 'official' notes when the door opened and I heard a familiar voice, “Hi El!”

“Holy Hannah! Sam!” I jumped up and met her half way for a long overdue hug. “How long has it been?”

“Too long.”

“Yeah, you sorta dropped off the grid. What the hell do you people do?”

“Hmm, can't say, yet. How have you been?”

“Great. Busy. Jeez, Sam, I'm so happy to see you. Come on, you know me, what's going on?”

“We'll talk again. I can't tell you right now, I'd have to shoot you.”

“Is that supposed to be funny?” We stood there grinning at each other. It was so wonderful seeing her again. My best friend in basic training. We tried to stay in contact but things – life – sent us in separate directions.

“Why didn't they tell me...”

“They” Sam drew the word out, “didn't ask if I knew who you were. I didn't tell them.”

“Surely you can tell me what you guys do?”

“Nope, I'm here to tell you Vala's wonderful. She can take care of herself as well as the rest of us. Enough of that. Sorry I didn't come sooner. Silly bureaucrats, and my job.”

“Way, way out of town?”

“You have no idea how far. Worry not. I'll say a word to some people I know and get some amazing details released to you. You deserve to know and you can handle it. Now, let's go get some lunch, something adult to drink, and catch up on you and what I can tell you about me.”

As I followed her out I found the courage to broach a theory. “She's from outer space isn't she... or deep, deep, under earth's core? Like in a sci-fi movie? You know how I love sci-fi.”

“How 'bout some Cosmo's, El? I know this great place...”

End Session



Ending thoughts of Dr. Xavier E. Holiday. USAF. Psychiatrist.

I'm standing here in General Landry's back yard with a glass of champagne in my hand as I watch the bride and groom wander around talking to everyone. The bride is stunningly lovely in her lacy, hippie-like full length ecru dress, raven hair tossed up and entwined with tiny white flowers. The groom is dashing in a dark suit, an eye matching blue shirt, no tie. I see what she sees in him. He's close to blinding. And I never thought I would say this, but I really would like someone to look at me the way he looks at her. And Colonel Mitchell isn't so bad himself. I think I might check around and see if he's with a date, as in with someone not the fruit kind.

I have a new job at the SGC, my name is etched in brass on the door. Dr. Xavier Elaine Holiday. I'm the new staff psychiatrist. They call me Doc Holiday. The tripod is no longer a tripod, it's a stable four legged table. Me, Vala, Sam and Carolyn.

I gave Vala a thumbs up report, even after Daniel's little reveal. And the IOA shot her down, but she was unconcerned since she'd moved in with Daniel the day he left my office.

Daniel. What a revelation. I mean, before I got full clearance, Sam hinted, but Daniel delivered such an amazing look into what I never could have figured out... prior to my orientation for my new job.

The final session went something like this:

“Hello, I'm ..." I attempted to speak as he walked in the door. He didn't let me finish. He came and stood at the front of my desk, eyed the Pistachios for a mere twitch of an eye and blurted out in rapid fire not unlike Vala herself.

“Hi, there, Dr. Holiday. I'm Dr. Daniel Jackson, Archeologist, Linguist, collector of ancient and alien languages, artifacts and some other stuff. I'm here to tell you that Vala does NOT need to live off base by herself! She would not survive in the city alone. She's prone to making crazy snap decisions in an effort to help. Bad things can happen when she does that. Though sometimes good things happen, like saving our asses... but... when it's bad, it's really, really bad.”

He drew a nervous breath, and from the expression on his face I could tell he cares deeply for Vala. And... he is lying about her not being able to live alone.

“Hell,” he corrected himself before I could wheedle it out of him, “honestly, probably she'd be fine. Actually, she and the roaches will be the sole survivors of the inevitable destruction of Earth, not by aliens, but ourselves.

“Vala Mal Doran is too trusting, too anxious to help, heal, hug, she's from a planet so far out you wouldn't even know it existed. As in 'we are not alone'. You, me, and anyone from this planet cannot imagine what she has been through.”

I almost choked when I swallowed, because, I believed him. About the planet. Or I wanted to believe him.

He continued speaking fast, and I can see how these two get along. “A few years ago Vala hijacked a large spaceship we have, I was accidentally left on it after she sent the others through a device to a safe place. Nice pirate, eh? Vala's an amazing thief, or was. Well, still is when we need her to be. We fought, me and Vala, on that ship. I mean fists, arms, legs, fire extinguishers, but eventually I got her with a zat shot. Small alien type gun sorta like a super, duper taser or stun gun that can also kill – burn you to ash. I stunned her and she dropped like a stone, or more like a melting popsicle. BUT... not before she'd kissed me, and then headbutted me when I was all dazed and confused.”

At this point I was fighting to hold onto the small smile that threatened to turn into a giant open mouth.

“That was it. I fell for her then. Literally and figuratively. I recovered quickly and after I zatted her, I locked her in the brig. Almost got myself killed by her weird alien space pirate friends she planned on selling our billion dollar space ship to. I had to let her out, or more correctly carry her out of lockup to help save our asses from snake heads, attacking. You know, like space battle attack. Then I locked her up again! And she escaped! Stole a ship that was in the ship.

“Lots more crazy stuff happened with Vala coming and going to and from earth and each time she went my heart just turned to more mush. The reason I fought so hard to not love her?

“Long story short. Fear of losing her for good. In the past a large ring was discovered in Egypt, 1928. Not knowing this, years later I had theorized Pyramids were landing pads for alien ships. I was right, by the way. Can't tell anyone. I got sucked into the Stargate program shortly after I got booted out of the 'credible archeology club'. I figured out how the ring worked. It's a really, huge, big ring. Dial constellations, i.e.- symbols. Walk through it, end up on another planet.

“I met a woman on the first mission through the Stargate long before Vala showed up. I loved her, married her, stayed on her planet, eventually lost her to an insane alien symbiote. Vala also was a host to one, another evil bitch, but luckily for her another race extracted it and she lived.

“Lots of horror. Lots and lots for Vala. And my wife. And me, but not like them. The rest of Stargate Command where we work also suffered many losses.

“Anyhoo... I give up. I love Vala. I think she loves me. She's nuts. She drives me nuts. It's like mixing, mixing...”

"Walnuts and Pistachios?"

"Yeah. I'm tired of denying myself the joy she can give me, and what I can give her. I'm going to walk right out of here and ask her to marry me. She's in the waiting room. She insisted on accompanying me. That's how we do the dance. I grumble, she whines, I give in, she gets happy. I feel loved.

“She won't need to live alone off base, but I'm sure she'd be happy with a good report. If you tell anyone that I told you about the SGC and Vala and Teal'c... the big guy, tattoo on forehead, I'll get fired. Or shot for treason. Not a problem, but give me a heads up 'cause I need to get us off the planet. Our next off world mission is tomorrow, so I will sprint her away into hiding before the IOA finds her and locks her up in Area 51 and I am not kidding. Sam said I could trust you.”

I sat stunned. I felt like I'd been shot with a silver bullet right between my well tweezed eyebrows - for all of five seconds. "Go. I have no knowledge of whatever it was you said. I didn't get to see the tattoo on the big guy, he wore a hat. Good luck, and I can guarantee you she does love you. No need to run off... er, world and hide. Congrats. Send me an invite. Go!”

~The End!


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