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spacegypsy1's Journal

Very much a gypsy, I like to move at least every two to three years and when I can't I move everything around in my house. Though, as I get older I've been a bit more stable.

Waaayyy too much into fanfiction. Crazy about SG-1, and especially Daniel and Vala. Love writing those two.

I paint acrylics - Not related to fandom. But also do some mixed media with a hint at fandom.

Love costumes, so therefore, love halloween, DragonCon and other cons, MardiGras, steampunk, gypsies, spacegypsies.com - keyword me spacegyspymama.
champagne, costumes, daniel and vala fanfics, family and friends, mardi gra parades, mardi gras balls, mardi gras day, new orleans mardigras, painting acylics, reading books, reading fanfics, renaissance festivals, road trips, traveling, writing other stories, writing sg-1 fanfics